We Believe in Leadership

We believe that women around the world can be catalysts for lasting community change.

We believe in the unique power of women's leadership abilities to transform communities for the better.
Living the value of leadership allows us to make a collective difference.

We Believe in Volunteering

We believe it is through service that we build core relationships with others.

Service is the lens through which we decide how we will invest our time and resources.

Living the value of service empowers us as catalysts for lasting community change.

We Believe in Development

We believe that the development of civic leadership includes training and development opportunities for women who want to bring lasting and meanigful change in their communities. 

For more than 75 years JLBC has demonstrated a legacy of proven leadership.

Our training programs are presented in a variety of formats that are both formal and informal.

Development opportunities include new member training, general membership education, guided community tours, leadership retreats, regional trainings via the Michigan State Council
of Junior Leagues, and national trainings via the Association of junior Leagues International, and experiential learning. 

We Believe in Diversity & Inclusion

The Junior League of Battle Creek respects, values and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are.
We are committed to inclusive environments of diverse individuals, organizations and communities.
We believe that bringing diverse women together allows us to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face our communities.